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When you have a Critical Need, we go to work.

We get acquainted.
It starts with building relationships.  We get to know our Clients.  We meet with them to get acquainted with the people we’ll be working with, understand the corporate structure and culture and get a feel for the corporate environment.

We listen, strategize and identify.
We get to know what the Clients need.  By understanding our Clients’ businesses, culture, objectives and resources, we can offer guidance in accurately identifying those needs so the objective can be properly and effectively fulfilled.

We communicate.
Understanding the goals of the hiring manager is important.  But, we also talk to as many people on the Clients’ teams as possible to understand how the search we’re working on will affect them and their departments and to get input on their specific needs. Then we stay in tune and stay in touch.

We specify.
We develop with the Clients a comprehensive position description to thoroughly define the scope of the job, the requirements, the goals and objectives, the evaluation criteria, the responsibilities, the reporting structure the career path and the compensation.  No surprises.

We anticipate.
We know that change is inevitable and by staying in constant communication with our Clients we are able to adapt and respond.

We dig.
We research the Clients’ businesses and their industry, focusing on trends and undertaking in-depth competitive and industry analyses to determine or validate perceived strengths and weaknesses. We utilize new technologies and leverage our own proprietary networks to source appropriate Candidates, focusing on that top 10% of qualified Candidates who are successfully employed, not “in the market”, but who would be interested in opportunities that are unique and that provide career enhancement and increased personal satisfaction.

We evaluate.
We interview Candidates thoroughly to become familiar with their backgrounds, evaluate capabilities, determine suitability and to get to “know” them to determine if they would be a good “fit” within the Client’s organization.

We execute.
At this point we’ll prepare a Candidate Submission for the Client, detailing the Candidate’s background, notable achievements and capabilities along with their professional resume. Then, we handle all scheduling for the Candidate to be seen by the Client, coordinate details of follow up meetings, check the Candidates’ references and prepare reports for the Client.

We close.
When the Client is ready to offer the Candidate the position, we work with the Client to develop and prepare an offer that comprehensively represents the Client’s opportunity in the most compelling way.  We present the offer to the Candidate and handle all necessary negotiation until the offer is accepted.

We follow through.

Once the Candidate begins his/her employment we stay in touch with the Client and monitor the Candidate’s performance
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